Participatory Mu​sic Coalition

Two years ago, when I moved to Chicago, I went to this fantastic event at Transition East Studios. The place looked like a fantasy: streams of silver lame from the ceilings, incense, the smell of freshly cooked food, low lights in blue, yellow and red. I was totally transfixed. Each of the performers in elaborate costumes and painted faces had me mesmerized: music, poetry, dance- a sound orchestra of freedom and oneness. Suddenly, the floor was open to the audience. I shared words and songs that came deep inside. I had just broken up with a lover. It didn't matter if my voice cracked or became thunderous; the band was right with me every step. So many of us shared that night. It is truly a healing space filled with love. These became some of my first friends here. I am so honored to share space with PMC. ---Cher Jey

The Participatory Music Coalition began so simple so small. Just a few souls who wanted to get together and play music freely with no judgement and no fear. True FREEDOM. Little did I know how healing and spiritually uplifting it would be to myself and others to create spaces in which people can get together and do this very simple yet profound  thing of playing music together. Tears have flowed, miracles have happened...connecting with others that you meet for the first time and then you realize that no one is really a stranger and  that music is the language of the soul. It does'nt matter what age, race, gender  when we come together and play music we become one verse one sound..universe. Its magical and this music has changed my life and saved my life. Much Gratitude! ---Angel Elmore